Starship - 3d printable OpenLOCK-compatible Deck Plans

Created by 2nd Dynasty

Build your own Starship layout using OpenLOCK-Compatible parts. Ideal for tabletop wargames and RPGs, etc.

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Starship III is Launching on Wednesday!
1 day ago – Mon, Jan 14, 2019 at 11:30:04 PM

 At 16:00 UTC on January 16th, 2nd Dynasty will be going live with our third kickstarter! I would like to thank all of our past backers for getting us here! 

As you probably well know by now if you have been keeping up with the latest, the Scout Ship and Shuttle got to where they are today because of you, and many of you have already shared the wonderful pictures of your printed scout ships and shuttles and are already enjoying them!

Wednesday marks a milestone for 2nd Dynasty, but also for me personally; ever since I was a kid I have been doodling spaceships. It's how I got into 3D modelling and through that, into animation. I feel like I have come full circle and am truly doing what I love thanks to you guys!I would like to warmly invite you to take a sneak peak at the new Kickstarter page. You can find it here, here and here!

Mind the dust!

Make sure to follow if you want to know when we exactly go live! We will have special day 1 pledges with all of you returning backers in mind.

I know many of you might be thinking, cool, one new ship to add to the armada, but in fact, should the stretch goals be unlocked, we have no less than 15 variants planned in total for the Shuttle, Scout Ship and Transport.

Also, follow along, for your chance to influence the deck plans of the transport ship!

I hope to see many of you as returning backers, but even if this upcoming Kickstarter is not for you, I would like to personally thank you for getting us here!

To the stars!

- Ben  

Seasons Greetings! See you January 16th!
26 days ago – Fri, Dec 21, 2018 at 06:28:23 AM

Since the end of the last campaign, we have been working to continuously design, print and refine three complete ships.

As a tribute to you, our loyal backers, we brought the shuttle and scout ship early at an unprecedented level of detail; shuttle alpha, available as an add on, was reworked, and improved to have a whole new level of fidelity over the original design. The scout ship was offered as the final 230,000 SEK stretch goal of the second Kickstarter - but was never intended to be at the level of detail we made it at.  

That's because early on, we decided that the next Kickstarter would contain three complete ships, and we anted the scout ship and shuttle to get the official launch they deserved! It was in fact you all who made it possible, but showing me that there was truly an interest for my work! And I am proud to announce, officially, that on January 16th, we are launching once again!

Introducing the 2019 Lineup from 2nd Dynasty 

All three ships launch January 16th! All three ships launch January 16th! In the cellar of our workplace, we have teamed up with the amazing stop-motion set designers of Dockhus Animation Studios here in Trollhättan, Sweden, to bring the ships to life, so without further adieu: 

Scout Ship Beta
Scout Ship Beta

Introducing Scout Ship Beta, the original stretch goal re-envisioned to be a modular. At 28-32mm scale, she's over two feet, 4 inches in length (70 cm), with articulated dorsal turrets. She sports twin engines, full RTS, a sensor array, cargo bay and a five seat bridge. 

The scout ship is primarily for long range operations, complete with a large crew area, control and engineering. Rumour has it though that the manufacture also offers a variety of variants, including a gunboat version with additional turrets for complete coverage, a cargo variant for greater transport capacity, a lengthened version, and even one with a second deck... We shall just have to see what the campaign takes us... 

Space Shuttle Alpha
Space Shuttle Alpha

The original shuttle has seen a refit, adding extensive RTS, hull detailing, and sensor packages. Designed stock to transport six space marines, this vessel is a powerhouse of energy that can get your crew from surface to orbit swiftly and safely.

 A fully customisable interior means that variants for endurance or cargo are easy to arrange by swapping out modules. But rumour has it a bus, stretched variant exists, as well as an armed shuttle with a dorsal turret mounting. Also, high performance propulsion systems can be acquired to boost the shuttle's speed and endurance. However, these variants have yet to be seen... perhaps more will be revealed during the campaign? 

Transport Delta
Transport Delta

Transport Delta is an all round ship to suit your needs. The most popular and requested ship from our survey earlier in the year, it is built with a familiar aesthetic in mind. Powered by massive twin ion engines and repulsor-based systems for manoeuvrability, she might not be the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, but she's close. 

Rumour has it that an armed version with quad turrets is secretly in production, as well as variants with a small upper deck, and even a quirky asymmetrical cockpit... We will have to find out if these rumours are true in January! 

 Why Pledge Again for What I Already Have? 

Of course, if you have the shuttle and scout ship already, bully for you! We will offer each ship individually if you are only looking to add the Transport Delta to your collection. 

 However, to offer some incentives to you pledge again to help us offset the production costs of the very detailed versions of these ships, the stretch goals we are offering this time around (as hinted at above) are ship variants. 

These stretch goals will be ship exclusive, so if you only pledge for the transport, you only get the common stretch goals and transport-exclusive stretch goals, not those for the other ships. 

Some design variant suggestions (need more weapons!)
Some design variant suggestions (need more weapons!)

These are just some doodles so far (more turrets and weapons to come) These stretch goals will allow you to switch out a number of parts on the stock standard versions of each ship, and modify them to create a degree of re-usability similar to the OpenLOCK tiles. Coupled with the OpenLOCK interiors, which can also be modified, you are getting a lot more flexibility for play. 

How Much Will Everything Cost? 

Pricing is not finalised, but should follow a similar pattern to the last Kickstarter. The All ships version will be around 750 SEK, with a day 1 special price for returning backers and early adopters. 

The all-in pledge (including all campaign-specific add-ons and the three ships) will be around 1000 SEK, with a day 1 special price. 

There will be options in case you have missed items from our previous Kickstarter as well.

Of course, the ships feature OpenLOCK interiors
Of course, the ships feature OpenLOCK interiors

 What Kind of Add-Ons Can We Expect?

Expect some old favourites to be available instantly as add-ons for those who missed them, although we are adding some campaign unique add-ons on a roughly weekly basis: 

Turrets! We will be offering a bunch of weapons actually to customise the look of your ship - beam weapons, slug throwers, manned and unmanned, there will be quite a few variants. 

We also plan to revisit habitation! We have done a few galley items for these ships, but will expand that a little further and revisit our original rooms with updated designs, half-wall variants, etc. 

Also, many have complained that we have lovely chairs, but no one to sit in them. The final add-on will be special miniatures to crew your ships with. The style of characters will be previewed at a later date, but my strongest influences are Yamato, Macross and Alien, so expect something in between them.   

God Jul!  

So I wish to convey seasons greetings to you guys! Without you, we wouldn't be here, about to embark on a year solely dedicated to pursuing the creation of 3D printable designs!  

So cheers to you, our backers, who make everything possible! Stay tuned in the new year for campaign previews before we go live! We're hoping to make this our biggest campaign yet!  

A quick shout out to both The Dragon's Rest and Grimlight, whose products we have used alongside ours to complete the sets.  

God Jul och Gott Nytt År!

Last Chance For Starship II
8 months ago – Thu, May 10, 2018 at 01:48:30 AM

The Starship II campaign, which builds upon this campaign's OpenLOCK tiles has had a very successful month-long run, which is ending tomorrow at 17:00 CET (+2 GMT).

Final Hours have begun!
Final Hours have begun!

Many of you have already pledge for a second time, and I want to thank you personally for making this Kickstarter possible. For those of you who have missed it, I want to offer you one last look and chance to get in before the campaign ends tomorrow.

There are a variety of pledges geared towards new and returning backers, but the primary pledge includes the following:

And of course, we have entered stretch goals mania. The following have been released:

Along with...

We just added the final add-on, a complete, modular interior shuttle/dropship.

 And we have had a few other great packs that some of you asked for last campaign:

 Check it out if you haven't!

Starship II is Live!
9 months ago – Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 06:27:45 PM

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Kickstarter II Preview
9 months ago – Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 06:45:54 AM

Although a little delayed, I am pleased to announce that our next Kickstarter will go live on Wednesday at 17:00 (+1GMT)! 

I am very excited to see how it will be received, as it should hopefully be in evidence that I have put a lot more work and detail into these tiles compared to the first campaign!

Here is the campaign preview (click through to visit Kickstarter):

The link should divert you to the campaign if you view it after the campaign goes live.

Until then, let me know if you guys are missing anything, have any questions, etc. Photos will be joining the renders as the campaign progresses, and I have yet to add in the Stretch Goals, but you know the drill!

If nothing else, check it out because it shows the entire amazing collection from Starship I. I can't believe there was over 150 models by the end! It seems insane now. The new KS is already 75 pieces together.

There are limited spots for early bird backers to get in at a slightly better pledge level than the rest, so keep an eye out.