Starship - 3d printable OpenLOCK-compatible Deck Plans

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Starship - 3d printable OpenLOCK-compatible Deck Plans
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Bonus Walls!
14 days ago – Mon, Feb 05, 2018 at 05:11:56 AM

Hi guys! 

Time for a sporadic update! Yes, the updates may have died down somewhat now that everything is more or less released (still a few hours left on one commission from one of our admirals, but they haven't responded yet). However, I have not been completely idle.

Surprise BA Walls and Low Detail Corners

So, as a consequence of one of the commissions asking for a corner template for base and corridor walls, I have the pleasure of letting you guys know, there are now L and BA walls added to the stretch goals file. I thought I would throw them in as a freebie. They might eventually get integrated into the base packages as well.

BA walls and corners attached, you get the separate versions free
BA walls and corners attached, you get the separate versions free

New Campaign Progress!

So I'm pleased to announce there will be a new campaign sometime towards the end of March! Expect something similar to Starship I. Of course, there will be many surprises, but the sets we want to create (that's right, I have a bit of help this time) will include a selection based on your wish lists:

  • Habitation II: This will include some more living space models for relaxation, eating and add some additional customisation options to sleeping arrangements as well.
  • Hangar: This was one thing everyone seemed to be asking for. There will be options for creating hangar environments, including mag-sealed hangar doors and more conventional solutions. Also expect some other paraphernalia you might see in a hangar, such as cargo and armaments. 
  • Medbay: This may just be an add-on at the moment with an autodoc, scanner, and specimen containers - think Alien or Aliens for this one.
  • Security: Turrets, laser doors/walls, prison cells, weapon wracks, security consoles and more, this one is also in high demand!

There will also be some more corridor variants, and I actually have some more stuff to show you guys, such as the cool, Nostromo-inspired S-variant wall corridors:

I am really happy with the look of these...
I am really happy with the look of these...

These use a unique L shape rather than the traditional upside down T to allow for single corridors that will more easily permit a mini in there with walls attached. I am also working on half wall variants of them, and have already done double, single and 3/4 tile variants.

They are designed to be printed on their sides for greater detail, although I am instead considering making them use an openlock and having versions where you can choose to make them half or full walls.

More OpenLOCK Sci-Fi?

Right now, Rob Mehew is running another Sci-Fi themed OpenLOCK set which includes some nice accessories and traps if you are looking to expand your collection! Check it out:

Out of Cryosleep
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 03:57:01 PM

I have only a little update this time - I am about to get started on the new campaign, so if you've not had your voice heard yet, feel free to make suggestions in the comments section. I have gone through past comments and collected as many as I could see so far. I am listening to you guys!

However, it was brought to my attention that I forgot to add the cryogenic chambers I promised as the first stretch goal. These were the versions of the cryogenic chambers found with the habitation set that did not have bases. They were to be based versions, with similar tiles to the engineering section with warning stripes.

Of course, they were done already and this was just an oversight, but when I went to export them, I was reminded that I wasn't quite happy with the way that the original ones printed - and so I found myself going back, adding of course more detail, but more importantly, length to the models. I thought the pods felt a bit small when I printed them next to my minis (admittedly, they were 32 mm), so now they are a bit bigger.

And you guys have benefited from my obsession! These objects will be added to an update on the stretch goals files!

Happy printing people!
Happy printing people!

Until next time!

Commissions and the Opes Rapiunt - Out!
about 1 month ago – Fri, Jan 05, 2018 at 06:59:18 PM

So, finally, a week late, but here is the starship Opes Rapiunt and all commissioned files up to date!

The gunship has gotten some new detailing!
The gunship has gotten some new detailing!


...And has been split into parts for printing an assembly!
...And has been split into parts for printing an assembly!


The Opes Rapiunt is now done as well, at one tenth scale compared to the other prints
The Opes Rapiunt is now done as well, at one tenth scale compared to the other prints


The Gunship is six inches, the Opes Repiunt is around 10 inches
The Gunship is six inches, the Opes Repiunt is around 10 inches


The vessel uses four OpenLOCK clips to clip together and is printed vertically
The vessel uses four OpenLOCK clips to clip together and is printed vertically

Commissioned Files Questions

There have been a number of requests for the Commissioned files to be added post campaign to the backerkit after people saw how cool the tiles were! I understand that people want to get a hold of some cool commissioned files, and they will eventually find their way to market (I will probably put in some more time on the gunship in particular), but at the same time, I think it's time to start wrapping up the backerkit and closing it off in preparation for the second Kickstarter this coming March (at least that's the plan)!

Yes, I know some of you requested them to be added and really want the commissioned files. I am considering how to get them to you guys, since most of you have finalised backerkits already, and I am not sure you can add more stuff once it is shipped. One possible way is providing you guys with a discount code for the commissioned files package on The only problem is that I haven't decided whether or not to sell them yet.

What's Missing?

So, we have just a few hours left over, there will be one or two more dilapidated items (probably calcified control panels and more exposed walls/pipes). I am still waiting for feedback from one of the admirals regarding the gothic control panels and holographic table, but expect either one item more of the same vein, or additional detail to be added to the holo-table.

The Future!

So, for now I will be switching from a weekly update to an update when I have something cool to show you guys. Aside from the possibility of working on the remaining commissions, I am planning to take a week off next week since I've not had any proper time off lately, to come back refreshed and rejuvenated to start work on the next campaign!

I have some helpers this time around, and a good indication from all of you as to what you would like to see next. Expect amongst other things to see some hangars, med bays, alien designs, and more great stuff inspired by some of your (and our) favourite sci-fi!

As always, if I've forgotten anything, don't hesitate to remind me (as many of you have kindly done over the last few months).

New Years Update!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Dec 29, 2017 at 06:50:53 PM

Hi all!

Well, quite a week in the wake of Christmas, with not as much work done as I would have liked. In fact, you'll recall that I was hoping to have everything delivered by the end of December. That's not going to happen due to a few factors, but it is all very close now.

The main setback has been an unfortunate crash yesterday, and due to a combination of my own negligence and maya just being a pain in the rear end, I lost a considerable amount of work on the detail pass.

The good news, is I just finished the conversion! I've yet to test the pieces and that will be about half a day of work, which most likely will fall in the first few days of the new year.

The corridors detail pass
The corridors detail pass


The engineering detail pass
The engineering detail pass

That should be it for that stretch goal - so I will update the stretch goals files as soon as it is all tested.

The other thing holding things back are the commissions. I am waiting for some feedback from one of my admirals to make sure I am going in the right direction.

But in the meantime, take a look at some of the progress:

Holographic projector and gothic computer terminals
Holographic projector and gothic computer terminals


Gothic terminals, rear
Gothic terminals, rear


The holotable... depending on our admiral, it might get even more attention
The holotable... depending on our admiral, it might get even more attention

While I wait for feedback I will move onto the Opes Rapiunt model.

So that's it for this update!

I want to wish you all a happy new year on Sunday night/Monday morning and hope 2018 is as great to you as 2017 was to me (and you guys certainly helped make it that way)!

Happy new year!

Seasons Greetings!
about 2 months ago – Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 11:17:38 PM

Hope everyone has a nice Christmas, Winter Solstice or whatever your holiday season might be. Here I am with a pre-Christmas update.


Commissions continue. I am still yet to hear back from one of the admirals, so we have yet to see what is to be made with the final 10 hours of commissions.

However, I have now heard back from one of the last admirals, and have started work on the list of designs.

Gothic Control Panels
Gothic Control Panels

These include:

  • More technical set dressing items like gothic computer banks and stuff  
  • An ornate holographic map table like the one from Starcraft II
  • Banks of radar screens and terminals. 

I am looking to do a second gothic computer bank (a sort of 40K vibe) type, the holographic map, and some more terminal variants. Unless I receive further instructions to the contrary, these will have a sort of anachronistic-steampunky-gothic look.

The Gunship is progressing very nicely. It just needs a bit more dressing, and then cutting up into pieces for printing. The design is such that it should print in far fewer pieces than the space fighter!

The Gunship
The Gunship

The scale I have been basing it off is roughly a parking space of 6×6 inch squares. The engines are articulated to rotate, as are the upper and lower turrets.

Christmas Rush

And as usual, at this time of year there are many more hindrances than expected, but I do have the full week free of other responsibilities to get through the remaining commissions, detail pass tiles and the Opes Rapiunt!

Securing Help!

So, producing new sets will be a priority in the new year, and I am looking to switch gears. I know that progress has been slower than I anticipated (although it seems you guys are very pleased with the quality and detail of the sets). In the new year, I will start progress on Starship II, this time with the feedback and recommendations from you, my wonderful backers!

But I don't want to be sitting here until April all by myself making sure that this time, I have plenty of Stretch Goals ready to go for the campaign, so I have looked into getting some assistance from some local talent that I trust.

Starting January I will have two additional artists aiding me in Starship II. I am looking forward to working with them in 2018!

Final 2017 Update Next Week!

There will be one final update next week for the end of 2017 before we move into 2018. I will be releasing what we have so far for the commissions so you guys have as much as possible before year's end!

Until then! Merry Christmas!